Les Terrasses du Lautaret

Cœur de Ville - an eco-district for Briançon

Located high above the town, Les terrasses du Lautaret offers stunning views of the mountains and the wooded park. On the fringes of town, the residence is lined by a promenade that leads to the heart of the town, just a short distance away. Les terrasses du Lautaret showcases traditional mountain style architecture, with an emphasis on large terraces and wide openings. Offering plenty of space, light, comfort and elegance, Les terrasses du Lautaret is guaranteed to win you over, whether you intend to live there all year round or fancy a holiday home. Services have been thoroughly studied and selected to guarantee excellent levels of comfort and modernity while keeping utility charges as low as possible. After all, Cœur de ville is an eco-district. Commencement of works: 2017

The Residence

A new life is about to take root in the very heart of town.

Imagine the 17-acre site of the old military barracks, opening onto the town, in a verdant, residential, modern, and ecological setting. A great place to live!

Welcome to the new eco-district, Briançon’s Cœur de Ville.

This urban renewal project right in the heart of town will offer residents exceptional, modern, and eco-friendly living conditions. The eco-district will be spread out around a magnificent 5-acre wooded park with contemporary properties, public spaces (market, media library, sports centres, cinema) as well as neighbourhood amenities and convenience stores.

Get on board for a 3D visit of the future eco-district’s first residences!

The Cœur de ville eco-district, Briançon.

The perfect balance for a peaceful, eco-friendly, and practical quality of life.


Will be able to become property owners thanks to attractive introductory offers and the many benefits of home ownership programs (interest-free loans, exceptionally low bank rates), while controlling their budget thanks to energy-efficient homes.


Will enjoy a residential area with a pleasant living environment where they can easily get around and access amenities and services. They will be able to remain socially active, while enjoying life in a verdant and practical setting.


Will find themselves at the heart of the Serre Chevalier ski area and a few hundred yards away from the Prorel cable car and a wide range of hiking trails.


Will benefit from tax incentives through the Pinel legal framework, while investing their savings in properties that will guarantee them a comfortable pension supplement.

The Cœur de ville eco-district, Briançon.

The perfect balance for a peaceful, eco-friendly, and practical quality of life.

All our residences meet the criteria and specifications of an eco-district in terms of environment, energy efficiency and sustainable development:

  1. Use of low environmental impact building materials and implementation of a “green charter”.

  2. Structural design allowing to passively reduce energy consumption:

    • High performance thermal insulation (20% higher than required by the RT2012 regulation).

    • Air insulation four times higher than required by the RT2012 regulation.

    • Optimised polarisation level.

    • Natural light optimisation.

    • Optimal sound insulation.

  3. Use of eco-friendly and cheaper Biomass energy (our homes are connected to the heat network).

  4. Water and energy resources preservation:

    • Use of adapted plant species for green spaces.

    • Use of water-saving taps and nozzles (controlled flow).

    • Customised heating and hot water production.

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