with Promofar

Why buy new?

Choosing to buy new products means enjoying many advantages. Indeed, new real estate makes it possible to save money compared to the old one with, for example, lower notary fees. But the benefits do not end there - quite the contrary.


Pinel Law tax exemption in real estate: it is calculated on the amount of the real estate. It varies depending on the length of the rental


Guarantees against all defects: with the ten-year guarantee, there is no risk of defects in the structure of the new building since these issues are taken care of for ten years.

Controlled Budget

With the new Zero Rate Loan, now is the right time to buy your first home! This additional loan is a real boost.


It is the guarantee of the completion of the building no matter what!

The promoter is required to justify, on pain of not being able to sign the sales, a financial guarantee for the completion of the building, the purpose of which is to ensure the purchaser the completion of the building, in the event of default of the promoter, by the payment of the sums necessary for this completion. It is generally provided by a banking organization which centralizes calls for funds from buyers during construction.

The ten-year guarantee

The promoter is responsible for hidden defects affecting the solidity or the destination of the accommodation, which may arise within 10 years of receiving the building. Damage-works insurance (DO), to which the promoter is required to subscribe and of which he transfers the benefit to the purchaser, prefinances the repair work for these disorders. Disorders which do not meet these criteria fall under the contractual responsibility of the promoter. They must also be reported within 10 years of receipt of the building.

Technical Guarantee

Guarantee of apparent defects and lack of conformity.

It takes effect on the day of delivery of the goods. The purchaser has a period of one month to notify the reservations. The promoter then solicits the companies which worked on the site, so that they come to carry out the repairs and thus ensure the lifting of the reservations.

The guarantee of perfect completion

Legally, the guarantee of perfect completion is owed by the company which carried out the work to the promoter, during the period of one year following receipt of the building. However, to facilitate the repair of disorders that may arise during this period, the promoter is the privileged interlocutor of the purchaser. It is therefore generally expected that these disorders are reported to it so that the promoter can recall the company concerned and thus remedy these disorders as quickly as possible.

The Biennial Guarantee

The promoter is responsible for the proper functioning of the equipment items of the property sold. This warranty runs for two years from receipt. It concerns all equipment that can be separated from the shell.

The sound guarantee

The promoter is required to deliver a good that complies with regulatory requirements in terms of sound insulation. The promoter guarantees this obligation for one year from the date of entry into the premises by the first purchaser.